Privacy By Design

Our Commitment To You

Aggregate Data

AdMobilize solutions deliver 100% anonymous and aggregated metrics through our AI systems. Our technologies do not personally identify individuals in the moment or after the fact. Our focus is in providing aggregate insights that improve the consumer experience in the physical world.

Edge Processing

AdMobilize technologies help measure consumer interest in products/services. Algorithms use mathematical optimization methods to “confirm” a person is present and assign demographic & physical description attributes. These measurements are completely anonymous and are processed at the edge (locally). Meaning all of this happens instantaneously (in a little as 15 milliseconds) and no images or templates are saved locally or to the Cloud.

No image, video or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is ever processed, retained, shared or sold. No correlations to other personally identifiable data sets occur and no other process is used, or other effort made, to allow AdMobilize or its customers to do so.

Never Recognition

AdMobilize, in business since 2014, incorporates Privacy by Design principles into our product development and data usage approach. Our focus is Detection, not Recognition.

A Word From Our Team

"It is important for stakeholders to understand how particular image-analysis technology systems work, bearing in mind that not every camera-based system is a facial recognition system and the term facial recognition is often broadly and confusingly used in reference to other computer vision-based technology that does not allow for individual identification. By comparison, facial and object detection is completely anonymous and does not introduce privacy concerns due to identifiability."

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