All-In-One Platform

AdMobilize is an end-to-end intelligence platform designed to maximize your assets value while delighting your customers and audiences. Everything you need to unlock the full potential of your data in the physical-world.


One Package.
3 AI Solutions.

Our customers demanded a single solution to analyze people, crowds, and vehicles. Mission accomplished.

Future-proof Integrations

Seamlessly integrated into the industry’s top solution providers for CMS, Media Players, Programmatic.

Real-time Device Management

Our cutting-edge full stack infrastructure enables clients to manage their entire network with flawless precision.

Tier-one Data Protection & Privacy

The strictest privacy and reliability methodologies have earned our reputation as the industry’s most trusted measurement company.

Actionable Dashboards & Raw Data

We understand your need to intuitively access, utilize, and integrate our real-time data; so we made it effortless.

Hardware Agnostic or Our AI Sensors®

Integrate our software on most devices or simply utilize our industry-defining “Anonymous Intelligence Sensors.”

Most Robust Algorithms for the Real-world

AI reliability in the wild is excruciatingly difficult. 1.5M datasets later, we created the industry’s most accurate machine learning models for OOH & Retail.

Pioneering AI Breakthroughs

Launched world’s first AI “plug & measure” sensor. Introduced 100% anonymous detection with instant detection on low processing devices. Never storing images.

Embedded, Edge, and Cloud

Our computer vision infrastructure caters to all of our client’s needs, always ensuring the highest performance regardless of implementation.