Real time audience intelligence solution
for the HD, XD and XT line of players.

How easy is the integration?

Our BrightSign full-stack solution enables embedded analytics at scale.

AdMobilize for BrightSign.

AdMobilize has developed AI software specific to BrightSign media players. In Digital signage, customers use this to:
a) understand their audience and
b) use insights to take action.

App supported:
Audience Analytics

Players supported:
XT 1143 / 1144
XD 1033 / 1034
HD 1023 / 1024

Use Audience Intelligence to engage customers.

Computer vision built with powerful AI and consumer privacy top of mind.

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Audience Intelligence you need.

Aggregated data and powerful insights designed to improve interaction between your brand and your customer.

Metrics provided:

Attention Time

Top Use cases:

Customer data for marketing programs
Digital Signage ROI (cost / viewer)
Audience aware digital signage

Intuitive Dashboards.

Dashboards that display analytics and insights based on single endpoints, groups and entire networks.

Software Integrations.

AdMobilize has existing software integrations and developer tools available to bridge audience data with 3rd party systems.

Integrations ready:

Developer tools ready:

Setup is easy.

AdMobilize provisions each player using the MAC/Serial number.

Steps to install:

1. Send device details for provisioning.
2. Download appropriate software to SD card.
3. Connect USB camera to player.
4. Login to dashboard.

Why Us

Discover 10 ways AdMobilize delivers the "Platform of Choice" to OOH, Digital Signage, and Retail clients in 470 cities.

The Whole Product

The Whole Product

Build your entire analytics and engagement business on a single, all-encompassing platform.

100% Anonymous Metrics

100% Anonymous Metrics

Deliver complete confidence to your clients by utilizing the industry's only fully anonymous solution.

Never Using AI Recognition

Never Using AI Recognition

We only believe in "detection" and will never use recognition. The trust of the consumer is above everything.

Do One Thing Really, Really Well

Do One Thing Really Well

We are obsessed about building the world's #1 intelligence platform for the physical world. Period.

Unmatched Data Accuracy

Unmatched Data Accuracy

Our scientists are data accuracy fanatics. Empowering you with the most accurate proof of engagement metrics.

Exceptional Client Service

Exceptional Client Service

We are deeply rooted in compassion and respect. Those principles drive our industry's reputation as the most caring and efficient.

Bold Innovation

Bold Innovation

Our driving force. Join hundreds of clients utilizing our solutions to catapult revenues and delight audiences.

Engineered for Scalability

Engineered for Scalability

This is really hard stuff. After a 5-year massive investment, we made it really easy for you. A one-stop shop, "plug and scale" platform.

Made in America

Made in America

Our customers globally love this fact. We only believe in creating the most trusted "Good AI", and this environment ensures it.