Audience Intelligence

Choose the engagement platform that disrupted our industry's business intelligence at scale. Choose AdMobilize.

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Use AdMobilize AI software on your hardware.

Analyze people, crowds, vehicles, and other objects in real time with your cameras.


Dynamic Solutions

Measure people, crowds, and vehicles anonymously in real time with your cameras.

Easy Setup

Gather smart metrics from your IP/security cameras in one step. We take care of the rest.

Real-Time Data

View results in real time with our cloud-based dashboard, webhooks or API.


Our technology works with several types of cameras and operating systems used around the world.

Real-Time Metrics: 100% Anonymous with
Unmatched Accuracy

Face Metrics

  • Count
  • Views
  • Attention time
  • Gaze thru rate
  • Gender
  • Age Range
  • Emotion

API and CSV Exports available

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Vehicle Metrics

  • Count
  • Detection Zones
  • Average Speed
  • Travel Direction
  • Day/Night Modes

API and CSV Exports available

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Crowd Metrics

  • People Count
  • Detection Zones
  • Pedestrian Traffic Direction

API and CSV Exports available

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Setup is easy.

Connect and start analyzing.


It's time for your business to measure in real time.

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Compatible with all major IP/security camera systems and OS platforms.

Have questions about compatibility? Contact us here.

One dashboard to quantify your world.

On the go, at your desk or wherever you may go, your AdDashboard is with you all the time.

View metrics that are important to your business and share them with customers.