Meet the (Anonymous Intelligence) AI Sensor®

The world's only fully anonymous edge-AI "Plug and Measure" platform.

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The AI Sensor®

Max Resolution

5 megapixels (2592 x 1944)

Video Support

1080p, 720p, 480p video

Camera Calibration

The camera is pretuned to an 'average' of the sensors. Contains a fixed focus lens on-board.

Cone of Vision

53° horizontal field of view. Likewise, the vertical field of view is 40°.

Powerful Solutions

Out Of Home Solution

  • Track ad performance in real time
  • Receive real-time people, vehicle, and crowd analytics
  • Segment campaigns by hour and site

Digital Signage

  • Validate viewership in real time
  • Target by audience demographics and emotion
  • Experience an intuitive, cloud-based dashboard for analytics

Retail Spaces

  • Track customer engagement in real time
  • Optimize store traffic flow
  • View store activity from anywhere on a cloud-based dashboard

Live Events

  • Track events in real time
  • Use the AI Sensor® to quickly gather data on the spot
  • Export reports in CSV or Excel

Small Business

  • Easily implement to start gathering data
  • Understand store traffic flow and locate popular zones
  • Track customer engagement in real time

Additional Features


Height 4.75 inches.
Width 2.5 inches.
Depth 1 inch.


5V 1A AC switching power supply, input: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz.

Cellular Connectivity

Mobile data option available


802.11 b/g/n (Stream data via WIFI)


4.0 LE (Pair for Setup)


Option available


Option available

Installation is easy.

All you need is power and WiFi (we can help with that).


Setup with the AdRemote App

Setup is quick and easy. Simply download the AdRemote app for Android or iPhone and connect your AI Sensor® to WiFi.

The AdRemote works across all major iOS and Android platforms.

One dashboard to quantify your world.

On the go, at your desk or wherever you may go, your AdDashboard is with you all the time.

View metrics that are important to your business and share them with customers.

It's time for your business to measure in real time.

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